Punch List

Procore- Punch List

Easily Create and Manage Items

Procore's construction project management software makes creating and managing punch list items as easy as clicking your computer mouse. Items are automatically dated and numbered, and all actions are logged by Procore.

Maintain & Review Item History

Procore construction software provides a complete history of all of the actions taken for every single punch list item. See all of the correspondence, who said what, when an item was opened and closed, all in one view.

Use Mobile Apps To Manage Lists

Procore's mobile apps for Android and iPhone make it easy to create and manage punch list items right from the field. Snap a photo, record a location, assign an item and set a due date -- all from your phone.

Never Lose a Punch List Item

Procore's Punch List views let you filter items by status, such as Open, Closed, or Pending. You'll never lose track of an item, and items can be set to automatically send overdue email notices to responsible parties.