Project Submittals

Procore- Project Submittals

Easily Manage Any Number of Submittals

A construction project can require hundreds or even thousands of submittals. Losing track of a single submittal can affect job costs and quality. With Procore, your team will never overlook or lose track of a project submittal.

Always Work With The Current Version

Procore's construction project management software automatically tracks submittal and submittal package revisions. Every revision is numbered by Procore so that your team will know that they're working with the most up-to-date submittal information.

Quickly and Easily Filter Submittal Lists

Procore construction software provides a wide variety of list views and filters to make it easy to see the status of large numbers of submittals. Filter submittal and package lists by approver, status, spec section, type, response status and more.

Attach All Types of Electronic Documents

Procore's construction project management software allows any type of electronic file or document to be attached to a submittal. Files can be attached directly from a user's computer, or from Procore's construction document management tool.