Company Executive

Rashid A. Khan

Associate Director
M.S. - Civil Engineering BE (MECH)-West Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology. Lahore –1964

51 years of experience in Mechanical Design, Design and Inspection, Project and Construction Management, Quality Control procedures for Construction, international procurement, Liaison with local and international consultants, quality control and testing procedures for a wide range of construction and other engineering material.


Syed Nafees Hassan

Director, Projects
B.E. – Civil Engineering NED University of Engineering and Technology, 1974

Over 40 years of Construction/ Execution Experience in Sub‐ Continent and Middle East. whereas 6 years experience in USA. Projects executed High Rise, Pharma & Office Buildings, Banks, Hotels & Hospitals, Steel Mills Structures, Pump Houses, Cement & Auto Factories, Causeway, Bridges, Shipyards, Huge Steel Structure and Piping works.


Shehroze Anwar Khan

Director, Contracts
M.S. - Civil Engineering - University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, U.S.A., 1986

28 years of varied experience in Contracts Administration and Management, Project Planning, Monitoring and Control, Supervision of Construction Projects as well as documentation of PM proposals and reporting systems utilizing effective project management tools. Proficient in project documentation such as correspondence, reports, proposals and meeting minutes. Had also been associated with notable studies/ assignments in the construction sector for the World Bank and a Development Financing Institution.


Mohammad Saleem

Director Projects
B.E. – Mechanical Engineering ‐ NED University of Engineering and Technology.

35 years of related experience, has been a catalyst in developing and directing projects, administrating contracts and growing the business. He held key positions in roles related to Business Development, Operations and P&L leadership.