Daily Log

Procore- Daily Log

Move Beyond Handwritten Logs

Keeping handwritten daily logs is never a popular chore. Procore's construction software lets your team enter logs with the click of a mouse. It's faster and easier than old-fashioned log books.

Dictate Daily Log Notes

Procore's mobile apps let you enter Daily Log notes in Procore by just talking to your iPhone or Android phone. Procore's technology automatically turns your speech into text, and the notes are logged in Procore. Very cool!

Custom Define Your Own Log Format

Procore knows construction project management practices vary between companies. That's why our Daily Log tool can be customized in moments to collect only the information you think is important.

Let the National Weather Service Track Your Site Conditions

Procore's construction software is linked to a worldwide, automatic weather feed that records your project site conditions automatically. Each day's conditions are logged and can be displayed for any day in your project history.