Allied Services


AAA conducts a process or effort to collect and analyze information of a construction project before client makes a decision or conducts a transaction. This mitigates risks of any loss or damage to a construction project by gathering necessary facts beforehand enabling a client to make a correct and informed decision ensuring suitability of a project in relation to intended purpose.

Our Due Diligence services may include:
* Review of construction bye-laws, permits and licenses
* Scrutiny of project documents (drawings, tenders, construction and supply contracts, consultancy contracts, surveys, reports etc.)
* Technical feasibility
* Technical assessment of pre-constructed units
* Assessment for structural integrity
* Preparation of relevant Due Diligence Report for a client


In synergy with our associates, provide strategic claim advisory services to construction companies, financial institutions, private and government organizations, law firms and corporations facing complex project and business performance issues and disputes. AAA in synergy with their associates, manages various levels of interactive complexity inherent in construction claims of modern projects and addresses them by adopting the following approach:

* Requests for Equitable Contract Adjustments/Claims Documents/Expert Reports
* Expert Reports Pertaining to our Analysis and Defense Against Claims
* CPM Schedule Analyses to Quantify Delays, Time Extension and Liquidated Damages Entitlement
* Quantification of Direct and Indirect Damages Including Delay and Loss of Productivity
* Graphics and Multimedia Presentations in Support of Negotiations and Expert Testimony
* Computerized Document Database and Document Repository and Retrieval Systems
* Expert Testimony in Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation, of ADR Forums
* Independent, Third-Party Neutral Analysis of Claims/Facilitation of Settlement


To guard and secure lender’s interests through monitoring and reporting of the overall project progress and construction economics. We ensure full-time supervision by delivering client with timely and reliable information regarding the project’s performance against pre-agreed milestones and budgets.

Our typical scope of services includes:
* Zero or technical due diligence report
* Review of all project elements, such as quality of design and completed works, program / scheduling, building permits, insurances and guarantees, site safety issues, financials and legal, etc.
* Monitoring site visits and reports on technical and financial progress
* Certification for drawdown requests and completion of milestones, including project completion
* Checking of defect listing and rectification