Transmittal Tools

Procore- Transmittal Tools

Quickly and Easily Send Transmittals

Use Procore's powerful integrated email function to distribute transmittals. Track creation and send dates for every transmittal, and never lose track of what a submittal contained and what actions were requested.

Include Project Data from Procore

Attachments to a transmittal within Procore can consist of any type of electronic document, or of items taken directly from Procore's data. Attach change orders, submittal packages, RFIs, punchlist items, and more from Procore's construction project management

Customize Transmittal Forms

Procore's transmittals can be exported to PDF format and can be customized to match your company form or fax cover standard. Customization can include logos, text, and specific information presented on each transmittal.

Organize All Your Project Transmittals

Procore provides a safe and secure repository for all of your project transmittals. Transmittal logs are clearly organized, and provide the ability for users to drill down and view every transmittal in the log.