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THE COMPANY – AAA Partnership Pvt. Ltd.



AAA Partnership Pvt. Ltd. offers an independent and professional project and construction management service to owners, developers, industrialist, contractors, banks, funding agencies, design consultants, and public sector organizations.

We are proud of the people we employ, and of the reputation they have earned for the company. Intelligent, energetic and enthusiastic, they enjoy their work and have the character to do it in stintingly, setting the standards by which the company is judged. They are also the type of people who are unafraid of change and always discovering better ways of doing things. They have earned AAA Partnership Pvt. Ltd. its reputation as an innovator.

The firm's skilled and experienced personnel well versed in every aspect of modern management and construction techniques, provide the overall planning, management and coordination of a project from inception, through design and construction to completion and maintenance.

Our enterprise has a unique consultancy service specializing in :

  • Project and Construction Management, Planning & Programming.
  • Lender Supervision and Financial Appraisals.
  • Quality Management.
  • Engineering Planning Services.
  • Training of Operational and Maintenance Staff.
  • Contract and Commercial Administration and Claims.
  • Project Promotion, Project initiation services and Development Consultancy.
  • Forensic Engineering.
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Support on technical matters.

The discipline and professionalism, contractual expertise and commercial management experience we bring to our task ensure that the client receives the project they ordered, at the Time required, within a controlled Budget and to specified Quality standards.

At AAA Partnership Pvt. Ltd. Projects, we understand the kind of problems likely to arise in construction and development. More importantly, after many years of trouble shooting, we know how to overcome them.

All the resources of a multi-discipline Consultancy group are at our disposal to give the most efficient and effective client service. The expertise of our teams in building, engineering, quantity surveying, building services, construction, law, insurance and finance, is backed by experience, imagination and innovation, and supported by the latest computer software systems.

Being totally responsive to an individual client's requirements is what successful project management is all about. We pride ourselves on our ability to act from the client's viewpoint, having thoroughly understood his aspirations, culture, management organization and project specific objectives. Our project management role may vary depending on the client's preferences. A comprehensive service can be offered from inception to completion, or specialist assistance and advice can be provided wherever required.

Whilst we do not impose our own 'construction management' system upon clients, we do aim to bring our system to projects for which we have responsibility, in the sincere belief that the continuity of management brings greater certainty and economy.

Our Professional Project Management service brings wide-ranging benefits including :

  • The client is released from the tasks and problems associated with managing a project, enabling him to concentrate on his business.
  • Cost savings are made by independently assessing the most appropriate method of project procurement.
  • Time is saved by careful planning and management of the project from inception to completion.
  • The client is advised of cost consequences with respect to the various alternatives available for the design and construction.
  • The design team can focus on perfecting the design in advance of construction .
  • It is ensured that the project will be constructed to pre-agreed quality standards.
  • The client can make decisions on an informed basis.
  • The client can be certain that the completed project will meet his aspirations

Assignments Approach The philosophy behind AAA Partnership Pvt. Ltd. services is based on the premise that advice on project and construction risks invariably cross the boundaries of professional disciplines. Accordingly, when we undertake an assignment it is on the basis of a combination of professional disciplines and our Associates are staffed with professionally qualified personnel in a number of disciplines including.

Our Professional Project Management service brings wide-ranging benefits including :

  • architecture
  • building
  • air-conditioning
  • business administration
  • civil engineering
  • construction management
  • engineering geology
  • electrical engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • plant engineering
  • project management
  • project planning quantity surveying
  • structural engineering

Experience has shown us that clients involved in construction and development are best served by a team and not by an individual. This is simply because the correct advice almost inevitably requires expertise from a number of areas which may include :

  • technical expertise
  • commercial expertise
  • programming expertise
  • architectural and/or engineering
  • quantity surveying and/or accountancy
  • planning and/or construction

Therefore, we prefer to provide a balanced team to give clients a complete multi-disciplinary service and we are confident that within this sphere of business activities, the services offered exclusively and solely by our organization in Pakistan shall and will prove indispensable.