Whats is BIM

Building Information Modeling:

BIM is an intelligent virtual model-based process that provides insight to help you plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure.


  • CO-ORDINATION: Streamline communication with 3D visualization among all stakeholders for quick decision-making during design and pre-construction phase.
  • EFFICIENCY: Eliminate RFI’s, work stoppages and rework by checking the accuracy and completeness of drawings before starting construction on-site/off-site.
  • QUALITY: Improving Quality by producing accurate Shop Drawings directly from the 3D BIM model which could also be used for pre-fabrication.
  • SAVINGS: Pre-construction and Pre-fabrication reviews mean better use of manpower, better quality construction and reduced rework and wastage, all of which translate into lower costs.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Detailed Material BOQ and Shop Drawings with 3D visualization enable a better look at “The Big Picture” and aid in the review, scheduling and monitoring of each project.